dilluns, 26 de gener de 2015

WALL (Wizards at language learning) eTwinning project 2014-2015 MAKING IMPORTANT DECISIONS

Who are the wizards?

             Wizards leave from 8 different schools and fly to our new planet!

The wizards arrive at their new planet! Everything is blue! They are excited

What is the new planet like?

The name of the new planet is Wizzyland

The wizards build their new city. But what is the name of the city? WIZZVILLE 


The COUNCIL OF THE WISE consists of the Elderly Wizard and his 8 Deputies, one in each neighbourhood.

And the name of our Elderly Wizard is:

                                              Gothic text from pookatoo.com

All the wizards have chosen a Deputy Wizard who is responsible for the neighbourhood and its inhabitants.